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Jessica Parks is a licensed clinical social worker who has been passionately providing counseling services in Illinois since 2010. Her experience includes work with addictions, community mental health, Federal probation counseling, and in a large Christian group therapy practice.

Jessica graduated from Calvin College with a Bachelor's Degree in social work and from the University of Illinois at Chicago with a Master of Social Work degree with an emphasis in mental health.

She completed an advanced fellowship on Contextual Behavior Therapy (Acceptance and Commitment, Dialectic Behavior, and Functional Analytic Therapies) at the University of Chicago in spring 2020.


She is an LGBTQ+ affirming, kink aware and body positive therapist. She is passionate about supporting and guiding people through crises of faith and difficult family dynamics that often emerge during exploration of sexual identity. She believes all human beings inherently possess the ability to heal and grow, and that therapy is simply guidance for that process.

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